Bundle - The Ultimate Dry Skin Collection

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Dry skin? This ultimate collection from Absinthe Rabbit is here to help. When nothing else is working, reach for this.

Begin with our Hibiscus Cleansing Balm. This balm removes sunscreen, dirt, make up, debris and leaves the skin soft and supple. 1/2 oz heavy glass jar

Mist with our Kuan Yin Misting Potion. More than just a lovely smell, this misting potion attracts and holds moisture and prepares the skin for moisturizing. There is a radiance and ethereal quality released into the environment when this essence is sprayed. 2 oz Fine Mist Spray

Pink Pearl - One of our best sellers with a luxurious, lightweight moisturizer that sinks in and goes right to work to soften and hydrate the skin. Made with hurdle technology to keep out bacteria. 1/2 oz heavy glass jar

Nirvana - What would The Ultimate be without Nirvana? This is our luscious balm that keeps on moisturizing. Great layered with Pink Pearl and made with some of our most exquisite oils from Brazil and Africa. 1/4 oz heavy glass jar 

Wood & Rose - Floral Grains - Sandalwood Powder, Rhassoul Clay and Rose Petals give this cleansing exfoliator its power.  A must have for any good skin care regiment. This gentle exfoliation removes dead skin so the rest of The Ultimate can go to work. You wouldn't put wax on a dirty car would you? Removes debris and leaves the skin soft and ready for mist and moisture. Use this 2-3 times weekly. Gentle enough to use every day. 5 dram glass vial with cork 

Also available as a sample set. See individual listings for product ingredients and details. Read our Blog post "The Art of the Carrier Oil" to find out why we choose the oils we use.