NEW! S P R I N G - Facial Tonic Mist

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Exquisite and Simple and perfect for Spring. You'll thrill at this variety of distilled roses, with skin loving Melissa + lemony Verbena and our Rose Otto farmed in Bulgaria.

Our beloved Organic Rose Hydrosol distilled from a small herbarie in South Carolina using a variety of antique roses which include English roses, damasks, gallicas, true teas, chinas, bourbons, and noisettes, along with a Organic Witch Hazel (alcohol free) in our new 125 ML Mist Bottle. Elegant with a fine spray mist.

Helps tighten pores, fight signs of aging, cleanses and soothes inflamed skin.

To Use: Use any time of day to renew and refresh skin + spirit. Spritz on or use a small amount on a cotton puff and sweep over skin. Gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Hydrosols are gentle creatures and should be stored in the fridge, or in a temperature below 75 degrees and please use within 6 months of purchase.