Poetry Perfume Sample Collection

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Choose from a sampling of either four of the Sullivan's  or eight of our Poetry Perfume Sample Collections. Each with it's own poetry, quote or verse for a mantra of words and scents. 


Sea Amber - Amber/Floral/Wood Blended with resin washed ashore near Sullivan's Island. On first whiff you will note a faint coconut citrus. As the scent evolves you will catch a whiff of smoky, mysterious roasted seashells along with sandalwood, driftwood and resins. For the dry down, you will be left with the gift of the sea, a golden amber that will linger faintly on your skin.

Night Circus - Jasmine/Sandalwood/Vanilla A nod to the flower that blooms on the island at night: Jasmine and Spice give way to soft hints of Vanilla, and heady Sandalwood in Night Circus. Perfect for sharing secrets under 'the big top' as you dream of warm summer island evenings and blooming Jasmine.

Sea La Vie - Herbs/Spices The mellow harmonies of West Indian Bay mingle with fresh herbs, fir and spice to create an exotic island allure. Representing the Barbados/Charleston connection. For men and women who love the sea and sea-faring adventures. 

Wood Nymph - Green/Earthy/ Woody  A lush, earthy, woodsy, fragrance  honors  Wood Nymphs around the world. Roll on this heady hit of Cypress, Cedar, Juniper, Myrtle and Pine and pay tribute to a rare and protected forest within an island. This gender-neutral botanical fragrance will transport you to a seaside walk inside a forested reserve.

SACRED POETRY PERFUME COLLECTION (choose this collection) 

Beloved - Rose/Wood/Spice  A mystical, elusive blend of the fragrant Attar of roses, petals and garlands dominate this sacred fragrance. Several varieties of Rose including:  Rose de Mai, White Rose, Rose Otto, Sandalwood, and rare Mitti Attar and Gulab Mukhallat Attar give this the scent of an aromatic bazaar in ancient India. Rare 

Happy Buddha - Rare Wood/Citrus - Happy! Rare and Wild Harvested Sandalwood from India, Smokey Australian Buddha Wood, Sustainably Harvested Palo Santo, and a blend of citrus including Citron

Medieval - Smoke/leather/fruit/spice
To entice, empower, and protect, a dab of dragon's blood is the ultimate amour.  Upon initial application,  a burst of tangerine will arrive followed by resins and spice. The final blend dries to a long-lasting smoky, leathery, spice that is a bit heady and filled with fire. To add Dragon's Blood, the potency of all of the ingredients is increased. Dragon's Blood symbolizes power, protection, healing and fire and I believe this blood-red resin, which gives Medieval it's crimson color adds a hefty pinch of magic.

Forbidden - Exotic/Earthy/Floral.  At one time it was forbidden for young women to walk through gardens when Tuberose was in bloom for fear they would swoon and lose their virtue. Anointed with the exquisite, rare and costly scents of Tuberose and Ginger Lily and grounded with ancient and ritualistic Sandalwood. This is a heady floral for lovers of earthy, sensual tuberose. 

Poetry Perfume Arrives in a 1 ml glass vial with the quote attached attached to the card. Single Samples can be purchased under individual perfume listings.