Poetry Perfume - Sea Amber

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About Sea Amber from Absinthe Rabbit

On initial first whiff, Sea Amber resembles more floral and citrus, this is due to the Violet leaf (which although doesn't bloom on the island, I believe Violet to be  a sister to the Sea Fairies). Followed by a hint of citrus and wild lime. 
As the scent begins to bloom and evolve with the warmth of your skin, you will catch a whiff of smoky, mysterious roasted seashells along with sandalwood, driftwood and resins. 
For the dry down, you will be left with the gift of the sea, a golden amber that will linger faintly on your skin. 
Like finding an oystered-pearl, perhaps your bottle has a grain of sand, or debris of wood or resin. I chose not to strain these out of the final blending.  Remember, this scent was created from amber found on floating driftwood, washed ashore off the coast of Sullivan's Island. 
Your Sea Amber has been carefully wrapped from my own personal collection of cloth found at a Sullivan's Island estate sale, bound with a leather wrapping purchased at a vintage store in New York City. All treasures of their own. 


Sea Amber is from the Sea itself.

Infused with a beautiful amber resin I found formed on a piece of ocean driftwood. This is a rare essence and for lovers of Amber and is infused into the soul of this perfume. 

A hint of coconut and Violet, but not too floral or sweet

Citrus of Lime, Grapefruit, Bergamot and Lemon, a hint of Fir, and Galbanum, yet the true dry down is the fragrance of Amber. 

10 ml Glass Roll On with stainless steel roller ball in a base of organic Jojoba, to soften the skin wherever it is applied. 

Now you can carry with you, the true essence of the sea. 

This perfume carries the quote: "The cure for anything is saltwater: sweat, tears, or the sea." - Isek Dinesen 

Now also available in fine mist spray