Poetry Perfume - DreamAlice

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Character - A creamy, honeyed floral with a delicate smokey undertone. 

Main Notes - White Rose, Red Rose, Smoke and Violet. A floral infusion with a wafting hint of the nearby Hookah Smoking Caterpillar. 

Alice in Wonderland is the inspiration behind DreamAlice Natural Perfume. In answer to painting the white roses red, we've blended a creamy white rose, with a deep, rich, warm red rose. A green, leafy lovely and distinct Violet, plus a hint of smoke to give tribute to the Caterpillar. 

Each of our roll-on perfumes comes with a special quote or inspiration. We believe that by rolling these beautiful oils and words into your skin, you can make the magic of Wonderland and your dreams come true. 

Dreamalice says: "It's Only a Dream."  - Alice 

Our 10 ml heavy based glass roll-on perfumes are based in Organic Jojoba oil and soften the skin wherever they touch. There are no synthetics or chemicals in our botanical perfumes. 

Now available in our fine mist spray.