Poetry Perfume - Beloved

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BELOVED - A mystical, elusive blend of the fragrant Attar of roses, petals and garlands dominate this sacred fragrance. Several varieties of Rose including:  Rose de Mai, White Rose, Rose Otto, Sandalwood, and rare Mitti and Gulab Mukhallat Attars give this the scent of an aromatic bazaar in ancient India. Applied frequently, and with ceremony, the rose will think you are the rose. 

I am pleased to have procured a small amount of the Gulab Mukhallat Attar so "Beloved" can continue to be crafted as part of our Sacred Collection, although in rare supply I will blend with it as long as it is available.  - Stephaney

Each of our Botanical Perfumes is made with sacred essences, no synthetics, and poured in a base of pure organic Jojoba Oil to soften the skin wherever it touches.

10ml Heavy Based Glass Bottle with rollerball. 

Infused with this poetry: "My love feeds on your love, beloved." - Pablo Neruda