Lady Thistle Skin Serum - Sensitive

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Introducing our sensitive skin serum intended to pamper, calm and soothe sensitive skin. 

Lady Thistle contains two performance compounds aimed at soothing irritated, inflamed skin. Wildcrafted Moroccan Blue Tansy and Organically cultivated Milk Thistle from Ukraine. 

Formulated for Combination, Oily and Blemished-prone skin as well as soothing Acne and Rosacea, allowing the skin to feel more balanced. 

The gorgeous deep blue color of Tansy Oil has potent, naturally anti-inflammatory benefits and is non irritating. This has been paired with the oil researched for it's effectiveness in soothing acne and rosacea; Milk Thistle. Known as Our Lady's Thistle has been cited in both ancient  Greek and Roman Medical literature for it's benefits. 

Studies have shown a significant improvement in skin redness, papules, itching, and hydration in skin suffering from rosacea.

As an anti-aging ingredient, Milk Thistle is believed to inhibit UV-induced oxidative stress, protecting the cells from damage that can cause fine lines, wrinkles and roughness. 

Ingredients: Organically Cultivated Milk Thistle Oil. Wildcrafted Moroccan Blue Tansy (Chamomile) Organic Jojoba Oil. 

How to Use: Apply 2-3 drops to clean, damp skin am + pm.