Jasmine - Night Circus Collection

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Jasmine Luxury Gift Trio

This intoxicating trio of Body Butter, Botanical Roll-on Perfume and heavenly scented organic Tea Pearls will leave you swooning. Part of our new luxury line in Miron Protective glass containers.

This luxurious gift set includes:

4 oz Body Butter 

Night Circus Botanical Perfume

Organic Jasmine Tea Pearls 

Body Butter - This extremely rich body butter is a little like diving into heaven. A sensuous combination of Jasmine Grandiflorum and Jasmine Sambac, along with the slightest hint of warm, spicy Cardamom and exotic, rare Sandalwood from Tamil Nadu. The butter consists of Babassou Oil, Macacuja Oil, Calendula Oil, Sesame infused with Ashwaghanda Root to heighten sensuality and stamina, and honey sweet beeswax. All ingredients certified organic. Beeswax is farmed in Nova Scotia. A little goes a long way to soften and hydrate skin. Generous 4 oz size in Miron Protective Glass jar.

Night Circus Botanical Perfume - A nod to the flower that blooms at night. Night Circus Jasmine and Spice give way to soft hints of Vanilla, and heady Sandalwood. Perfect for sharing secrets under 'the big top' as you dream of warm summer evenings and blooming Jasmine. Botanical Perfume has an essence of liveliness to it and the perfume, when applied as a form of anointing, allows the body to take on or ''become'' the essence. Layering this with the Body Butter is an exquisite experience and will extend the duration of the fragrance. In a base of organic Jojoba oil to soften skin. 5ml Miron Glass Roll On.

Jasmine Tea Pearls - Organic Jasmine flowers are dried with organic green tea leaves, then rolled into pearls. The pearls unfurl in water creating a delicate, floral bouquet. I oz Recyclable Cardboard Tube good for several cups.