Apothecary - Itch Ease - Roll On Itch Remedy

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This is absolutely the best and truthfully the only remedy I've ever come across to take the itch out of bug bites, rashes, and allergy reactions.  I've used it on mosquito bites, fire ants, and when I've rubbed up against a plant that created an itchy rash. Most recently I was stung by a carpenter bee and this took out the sting, and I had zero evidence of the sting one hour later!

I've had clients who roll it under their noses and eyes as a defense against allergies. I ONCE had my eyebrows waxed and I was allergic to the ingredients which left my forehead and eyes swollen and 'frankenstein-ish' this helped calm things down. It also works to de-puff around the eyes and is great with the Gua Sha tools.

The color is a lovely shade of blue and the scent is pleasant, like a light, grassy breeze.

- allergic reactions
- rashes
- mosquito bites
- fire ants
- de-puffing

Ingredients: No artificial colors or ingredients. Organic. Essential Oils with non-gmo Vitamin E in a base of organic, fractionated coconut oil, blue chamomile, lavendar, amni visnaga, clary sage. 

$15 is a small amount to invest in your well being and sanity.....get two.