Island Flower Essences - Passionflower

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Fleur de la Passion

Purple Passion flowers grow profusely on the pickets. 

Wildcrafted and pesticide free, the perfect choice to add to the Island Flower Essence collection. 

Passionflower flower essence: 

  • dissolves nervous tension
  • eases a busy mind
  • assists meditation
  • helps with restful sleep 

These essences are created with passionflowers, spring water, organic grain alcohol. They are the pure essence of the flower and do not contain a strong floral taste or smell. They do contain the energy of the plant and are powerful when used with intention and consistency. 

Not for use during pregnancy or lactation. Avoid touching the glass dropper to anything other than the essence to keep the energy of the product clear and potent. 


  • Use one dropper full under tongue 2-3 times per day
  • Use two droppers full in spring water and sip as desired.