Island Flower Essence - Frida

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Honoring Frida Kahlo 

Frida Moon Flower Essence 

I live on an island that has a history of adventures. Not all of it soft and pretty, but adventures none the less;  pirates, hurricanes, and Edgar Allen Poe. I think Frida would have liked it here. 
This essence comes from the Floribunda Rose Bush name after Frida. The petals are Infused first in water under the full moon. Then blended with  plant alcohol, and organic agave. This is a tincture since I've added agave and allowed it to sit for a long while. 

This essence is for Courage. Courage to get your artistic creations out there. Courage to bring vibrance and color to your life. Courage for exploration and adventures. Courage in whatever form you need it.

Flower essences are powerful, yet work with subtlety on the emotional and energetic body. I believe this Frida Rose Flower Essence has come into being at just the perfect time. Released in time to honor the July birthday of Frida Kahlo. This is a limited time summer offering.

Place 2-3 drops under tongue, as needed, increase drops as desired.
Place 1 full dropper in a glass of spring water and sip
4 Dram amber glass bottle with dropper