Hibiscus Rose Cleansing Balm - For the Face

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Our Ingredient Story: 
You will receive deep red Hibiscus Petals from a woman often seen walking the paved streets of Charleston wearing a flowing gypsy skirt. Receive them graciously.  Infuse your hibiscus with the most agreeable Rose Petals and a heavenly scented Vanilla from Madagascar.
Infuse in Kalahari Seed Oil found in Africa, Calendula Oil made from your most exuberant petals and the tiniest bit of Pomegranate Seed; while they are infusing, spend three weeks dancing around the moon. On your return,  gently heat oil in double boiler, carefully measure, and add pellets of Candelilla Flower Wax to bring to the proper consistency. Add Jojoba Oil, and from your hidden shelves behind the door, spare a few drops of Rose Geranium and May Chang. Stir all ingredients gently with a glass stirring rod and pour into containers. 
How to use: 
Remove  a Pearl size amount of Hibiscus Rose Cleanser from the container. Close your eyes and imagine ridding yourself of things you no longer need; Dirt, Debris, Sunscreen, a face full of makeup. Gently begin massaging into skin. Use the pads of fingertips of both hands and stay with it as long as you desire, melting away what no longer serves you.  Slow circular motions over the cheek bones, on the edge of your nose, across the forehead, get into all the crevices. Take your time, and allow your thoughts to wander to white linen hanging from a clothesline, and fields of flowers. When all debris is removed, take a cloth soaked in warm water and gently begin removing remaining cleanser, along with all the thoughts you no longer need for the day. Rejoice in velvety clean and soft skin. 

Benefits of Hibiscus Rose Cleanser: 

  • Melts Immediately upon contact with the skin
  • Chock full of Vitamins A and C
  • Contains healing and antibacterial properties making it good for both oily and dry skin types. 
  • Leaves skin soft and velvety 
  • Cleanses without stripping or clogging pores, Keeps skin blemish free while soothing acne and pimples

Ingredients: (wildcrafted or organic) Kalahari Seed, Calendula Flower Oil, Vanilla Infused Jojoba Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Hibiscus, Rose Petals, Rose Hip Seed, Candelilla Flower Wax. Oils of May Chang, Rose Geranium. 

3 gram Sample Size

.5 oz glass jar

1 oz glass jar