EQUINOX - Spring Sampler

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A special Spring limited offering in SAMPLE SIZE so you can dig into our spring offerings with just a sample size investment and free shipping! An aromatic indulgence of green, citrus and spring. 

SPRING BATH OIL - This is an indulgence! Add 1-2 capfuls to your bath, swirl and relax. Filled with skin softening oils of Calendula Flower Oil, and Sesame. The oils will make contact with the body, instead of the tub, leaving your skin hydrated and softened. In our 1 oz French Square bottle good for 5-8 baths

SPRING MIST - This is a zesty, happy facial mist. You'll thrill at this combination of antique roses in our hydrosol which include English, damasks, gallicas, true teas, chinas, bourbons, and noisettes! Essences include skin loving Melissa, + lemony Verbena and our delicate Rose Otto farmed in Bulgaria.
10ml glass bottle with mist, good for several spritzes. Pesticide free.

SPRING BODY LOTION - Creamy and light, with our combination of green and zesty essences in a base of infused Calendula Oil, Sesame, Rose Hydrosol and Aloe Very. All organic. Good for 1-2 full body applications 

SPRING BODY SCRUB GEL - A light, but lovely body scrub in an aloe and oil base, filled with both sugar and salt and organic Calendula flowers. Good for one generous shower scrub. .5 oz white tub 

GOD'S NECTAR - A sample size of our newly loved and discovered Brazilian Beauty Stick. Pequi Fruit from Brazil is the star. Glide it under eyes, over dark spots, and even on lips. 7ml eco friendly push up tube. .5 oz white tub

Spring features a combination of essential oils including Fir, Melissa, Verbena, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavender, and Lime.