Earth Angel - Seductive Skin Care Triad

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My gift to you with the purchase of Earth Angel Skincare Triad; receive a free Earth Angel Flower Essence to nourish your Yin qualities keeping you fluid and supple. 



Introducing Earth Angel - A floral infusion and limited edition release for seductive summer skin.  Using Wild-Crafted, unrefined, ethically harvested oils from around the world... and my island garden. 

From my garden, I have selected the fragrant petals of Earth Angel roses, infusing them in oils and waters to create the Earth Angel Skin Care Triad. The pure simplicity of skin care: Cleansing, Hydrating and Moisturizing,  using precious, rare, exotic ingredients such as Rose, Tuberose and Vetiver, to create Earth Angel, a seductive ritual for your skin and soul. 

- - -

EARTH ANGEL CLEANSER - Is a mixture of non-comedogenic oils suitable for all skin types. It has a light, velvety, cooling sensation, and lingers on the skin long enough to massage in without tugging or pulling while receiving the benefits and the energetic impact of the scent. 

Ingredients story: Kalahari Melon Seed Oil from the high desert in Africa. It has a cooling, light moisturizing feel and adds a level of hydration as you are cleansing. Pomegranate Oil is said to reduce the signs of aging and inflammation. Baobab Oil is firming and plumping. Jojoba Oil moisturizes and soothes irritated or inflamed skin

The Scent:  Earthy yet fresh, with a hint of ripe raspberry and a classic rose bouquet from the flowers petals, plus the addition of costly Rose Otto essential oil from Turkey. I have also chosen to blend with Wild Vetiver to promote the regeneration of skin cells and tissue to work as the ultimate healer for fine lines, blemishes and even scars, giving Earth Angel Cleanser it's aphrodisiac effect. Use morning and evening on dry skin.

To use: Fill your basin/sink with 1) warm water, 2) add a spritz or two of Earth Angel Flower Mist, 3) immerse a clean washcloth. While the cloth soaks, place a few pumps of Earth Angel Cleanser  in the palm and take your time massaging the oil gently into your face. The smoothness of the oil will eliminate the need to tug or pull at your skin. Gently wring out the warm cloth, placing it over your entire face and wiping/removing the cleansing oil, repeat 2-3 times. This method of cleansing will not tug on delicate skin, and leaves the skin feeling velvety clean, not tight or dry. 

- - - 

EARTH ANGEL FLOWER MIST - Combining a garden of roses in an exotic collection of rose petals, rose hydrosols, flower essences and oils, plus a rare and precious attar. There is a radiance and ethereal quality released into the environment when this essence is sprayed. 

Ingredients story;  The heart of this mist is the flower essence created from Earth Angel rose petals grown in my island garden, infused with sun and spring water. This essence adds a layer of vibrational healing. The hydrosols include both White Rose and Rosa Damascena distilled from Turkish and Bulgarian roses. To this I've added beautiful and costly Rose Otto, and rare and precious Rose Attar distilled in India, An attar is the extraction of botanicals through distilling in a base of sandalwood, generally reserved for exotic perfumes, and becoming increasingly difficult to procure. It gives Earth Angel the ethereal quality she deserves.

The scent;  light, ethereal rose with a soft earthy undertone. It does not linger, yet it's impact dissipates into a hauntingly beautiful superb hydration for the skin, preparing the face to receive the moisturizing serum. 

To Use: Spray 1-2 pumps into basin/sink filled with warm water. After removing cleanser, mist desired amount on  skin for hydration and during the day as needed for a vibrational healing boost. 

- - - 

EARTH ANGEL SEDUCTIVE SKIN SERUM - At one time it was forbidden for young women to walk through gardens when Tuberose was in bloom for fear they would swoon and lose their virtue. Generally reserved for perfumes, as it is typically not used in aromatherapy. Yet in minute doses, Tuberose is the perfect companion to Turkish Rose for this alluring skin blend. Swoon Worthy. 

Ingredients story: Gorgeous rosehips, astringent and cooling, promotes calming and reduces redness and wrinkles. Marula Oil for moisture and radiance. Baobab Oil to address signs of aging, skin elasticity and cell regeneration without clogging pores.  To this I've added a few drops of Earth Angels Rose Petals, which have been slow-infused in Jojoba Oil then combined with Turkish Rose and the slightest hint of Tuberose. 

The scent: A soft, summery scent; Intoxicating with a mesmerizing floral aroma. Earthy and angelic. 

To use: Place 1-3 drops in palm of hand and press into clean, damp skin. Use am + pm.