Cry Baby De- Puffying Eye Serum

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There are so many fantastic things about this serum we don't know where to start.  Introducing our Cry Baby - Obsidian Roller Ball De Puffying Eye Serum. Go on ahead, have a good cry. We've got your covered. 

  • The Ingredients - Incredible for de puffying the under eye area inflammation
  • The container - ultra violet glass, sleek, gorgeous, easy to maneuver
  • The results - reduces dark circles, lines and wrinkles
  • The roller ball - it's Obsidian and it helps reduce swelling and release toxins
  • The price - we are offering this at a special introductory price
  • The experience - great results with your facial Gua Sha 

The deeply rich ingredients in our Cry Baby Skin Serum are effective and exquisite. The two main ingredients are costly, organic and unrefined

  • Green Coffee Oil. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Green Coffee Oil is used in eye creams and serums to diminish puffiness. It contains three times more antioxidants than green tea and four times more than vitamin C.
  • Our second main ingredient is wild harvested, unrefined Andiroba Oil /Guarana infusion.

This infusion helps combat swelling, so it is also a great ingredient to diminish mild swelling and/or puffiness under the eye.

Together, these ingredients become a powerhouse for swollen, puffy, under eye bags and allergy inflamed eye areas.

Yet we didn't stop there, we added the perfect combination of essences to help with the swelling and inflammation + allergy and itch responses.

  •  Blue Moroccan Chamomile - a powerful anti inflammatory and anti histamine
  •  Amni Visnaga - halts the allergic response for allergy puffed eyes
  •  Lavender - provides overall relaxation - crucial after a good cry 
  • -Palmarosa - calming to the nervous system.

To Use: Using light pressure, roll Crybaby under watery eyes to halt the allergic response, or soothe swollen eyes after a good cry. These ingredients also have amazing results on lines and wrinkles.

The ingredients are so deep, rich and luscious you can use Crybaby on your entire face. Contains only organic or wild-crafted, unrefined exquisite carrier oils. Jojoba Oil + Costly Green Coffee oil (reduces inflammation, Brazil) Gurana infused Andiroba Oil (to reduce inflammation, Peru or Brazilian Amazon) . Plus a select blend of essential oils of Blue Chamomile, Amni Visnaga, Lavender to calm, and halt the allergic response.

Hint: Great for use with your Gua Sha tool for extra depuffing.

10 ml black glass roll on container with obsidian roller ball 

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