Comfort & Joy Gift Set

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Comfort & Joy Cocoa Rose Gift Set

A few of my favorite things.

- Vitality Self Massage Oil with Sesame and Rose

- Rose & Chamomile White Tea

- Hand Picked Selenite Crystal

- CoCo Dependent Lip Therapy

- Cocoa Butter Bath Wafers


This comforting gift set will take you into, and thru the holidays. It is comforting, aromatic, and nurturing. while bringing clarity to the mind and calm to the spirit. It includes a hand selected, high vibration Selenite crystal for clarity, calm and cleansing. Designed to work synergistically together  to wrap you in a space of comfort and joy.

Your Gift Set includes:

Rose & Chamomile White Tea. Enjoy the healing benefits of this elegant blend to lift your spirits and leave you feeling calm and clear. Chamomile is a calming, soothing herb, while rose balances and opens the heart. White tea is the least processed of all the teas, making it extraordinarily high in anti-oxidants and low in caffeine when properly brewed. Bamboo Container makes 6-8 cups of tea + Bath Infusion.

Vitality - Self-Massage Oil. A must have, for the colder, dryer months. Are you familiar with Abyhanga, the Ayurvedic daily self massage? This massage oil is infused with the herb of vitality; Ashwaghanda, and the flower of the heart; Rose, infused in Organic, Cured Sesame Oil and then precious drops of Rose and Sandalwood are added to the blend. Start with your face and end with your toes with this warming and comforting, skin softening oil. 1 oz Glass Apothecary Bottle. 

Co-Co Dependent Lip Therapy. This small jar will offer big improvements to winter exposed lips. Infused with Cocoa, Coconut and Vanilla. Naked, pure and simple. Apply to lips as often as desired. Need less therapy. 7mm

Selenite High Vibration Crystal. This hand selected Selenite has a very fine vibration and brings clarity of mind, opening the crown and higher chakras, accessing angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Selenite is a calm stone that instills deep peace.

5 Organic Cocoa Wafers. You will adore these little wafers. They are so aromatic, you'll want to eat them....but use them for your bath instead. Organic Roasted Pure Cocoa Butter that smells heavenly. These wafers dissolve in warm water leaving your bath aromatic and your skin indulgently soft. 


Run your bath. Hold the vitality massage oil under the tap to warm the bottle. Place a towel on the floor and begin your massage. Massage from your face to your feet. As the oil absorbs, prepare your tea. After entering the bath, drop in one cocoa wafer, and if desired, the ingredients from the tea infusion. You can leave tea in the ball to avoid a messy tub. Place the Selenite Crystal in the water with you, or rest it over your heart. Sip your tea and soak, allowing the aroma of the cocoa to nurture your soul. After a good soak, towel dry and apply your Lip Therapy. Immediately rinse and towel dry your crystal.

Additional notes:
-Details for Abhyanga Self-Massage. Read the Absinthe Rabbit Blog:
-Have a pair of soft socks nearby after you complete your massage, to avoid slippery feet while you prepare your tea.
-Place the wafer in the bath after you enter to avoid a slippery tub. 1 wafer per bath.
-Remove your Selenite from the tub after your bath as Selenite does not like to stay in water for an extended period.
-Place loose leaf tea in infusor. Boil water to 180 degrees for white tea, infuse 3-5 minutes and add honey if desired.