Gua Sha Facial Tool - Bian Stone Classic Size

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The Gua Sha technique is a natural technique to increase blood flow and oxygen to the face, allowing skin to remain supple and creating a youthful glow.

  • Defines and smooths complexion
  • Reduces puffiness and dark circles around eyes 
  • Lifts and tightens loose skin at neck and jawline
  • Improves firmness and rate of cell turnover
  • Defines cheekbones and contours of the face
  • Improves circulation and oxygen flow
  • Refines pores 

Choose from: 

Bian Stone with Rejuventation Serum Sample or

Bian Stone only

Bian stone healing is the ancestor of acupuncture, gua sha and various other forms of healing methods. Bian stones were formed about 65 million years ago when a meteorite collided with Earth. The Bian stone contains up to 40 trace minerals beneficial to the human body and has thermal conductivity and heat-storing capabilities. This stone can be placed in warm water, or out in the sun. Studies have shown the properties of Bian Stone can help stimulate circulation of the blood, relax muscles, joints, and aid in anti-oxidation in human cells.

Thousands of years ago, people accidentally discovered that the physical contact with certain stones can produce a therapeutic effect, and from this discovery originated the theory of “curing" diseases with stones.



Bian stone is a natural stone. Avoid cleaning with chemical substances such as soap or detergent in case its crystalline structure were to become damaged or the residual chemical substances remain, impairing its therapeutic effect. Just wash with pure water and put it out in the sun sometimes to activate it. Heat is primarily responsible for the Bian stone's therapeutic effect. As a result, it should be regularly exposed to sunlight to keep the intensity of its far-infrared composition.