Aromatic Plant Incense - Smoke Magic

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When people walk in the door at Absinthe Rabbit, they often inquire as to what smells so heavenly. Welcome to Smoke Magic, like plant church in a container. Send your wishes and prayers up in a sacred smoke.

Over the years I've lovingly collected a variety of resins, plants, woods and flowers in my garden and travels. Resins from Mexico, herbs from Italy, roses from the island, and sandalwood and palo santo gifted from friends. These hold the magical healing powers, wisdom, and essence of the ingredients — Sacred Spices, Woods and Resins, Plants, Flowers, and Herbs.

Consciously blended and arrives in an eco-friendly cardboard tube that will give you twenty or more wishes.

To Use:
Place in fireproof container on safe surface and light, or for best results place incense charcoal in fireproof container, light, and after the charcoal is ready, add a pinch or two of Smoke Magic. Can also be used with electric incense burners if they can reach high enough heat.

To read the story and the magic of the ingredients read the blog: