Poetry Perfume - 13 Moons

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Character: Mint-infused Citrus... crushed mint with a walk through a citrus grove.

Main Notes: Citrus and Spearmint, yet so much more profound. A light and lively combination of nearly every citrus. Lemon, Mandarin, Tangerine, Orange, Grapefruit and then just the slightest hint of mint to pull it all together. Frankincense adds Sacred Grounding.

Each of our Roll-On Perfume Oils comes with a special quote or inspiration. We believe by rolling these beautiful oils and words into your skin, magic can happen!

13 Moons says: "I will look on the stars, then look on thee, and read the page of thy destiny." - L. Landon

13 Moons was "born" on Friday the 13th during a rare full moon. A very wise teacher always guided me to.....''give it 13 Moons'' as a tool for decision making and discernment.

Our roll-on perfumes are based in Organic Jojoba oil and soften the skin wherever they touch. There are no synthetics or chemicals in our botanical perfumes. 13 Moons is a part of our SACRED COLLECTION which also includes Happy Buddha and AmmA).