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Please Note: Kuan Yin is currently sold out and will return again with our Autumn offerings.


Our Kuan Yin Gift Set is designed with the Compassion of the Goddess Herself. At a time when we can all use and share an opening of the heart, the high frequency of this Rose, White Rose and exquisite and rare Rose Attar blend will offer you a sanctuary of the heart.

Our collection includes:
Kuan Yin Bath Soak and Oil

Kuan Yin Hydration Mist

Pink Pearl Moisturizer

Rose Quartz stone 

Full size: Good for up to 4 bath soaks, or 1-2 very indulgent soaks, this soak contains rose petals and a beautiful blend of sea, epsom and french salts. I've also added Honey Milk Powder to soften the skin and add a lovely honey-ed scent. The small vial of oil can be added a drop or two at a time once you have entered the bath. Also Kuan Yin Misting Potion can be added directly to your bath water. The muslin bag is optional to be used to contain the petals, or allow them to float free and surround you in your bath.

After exiting the bath and drying off, spritz yourself from head to toe with our Kuan Yin Floral Essence Mist to add extra moisture and a heart boosting hit of compassion. After Misting, apply our AbRab favorite Pink Pearl Face Moisturizer. This infused Rose Moisturizer is great for all skin types and is good for both am + pm.

This floral mist, along with our beloved Pink Pearl may be the missing component to the transformation of your skin, especially if you are not able to get ''beyond'' dry, tight skin. We consider hydrosol the 2nd step of good skin care, spritz on after cleansing and before your moisturizer. This skin necessity does so much more than simply refresh and tone. It also boosts hydration, wakes up tired skin, sets and refreshes makeup. Pink Pearl absorbs quickly and is lightweight and comfortable on the skin. Transforming the look and feel of dry skin to supple, soft and radiant.

Kuan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion, an opening of the heart, and our White Rose Misting Potion is comprised of two variations of Rose Hydrosol. The first an Organic Rose Hydrosol from Bulgaria, a  heart opening scent that is associated with love. The second, a Rose Hydrosol distilled from many varieties of antique roses which include English roses, damasks, gallicas, true teas, chinas, bourbons, and noisettes is obtained from a small herb farm here in South Carolina.

To this, we've added the essences of Rose Otto and Rose White. A sweet rosaceous honey-creamy aroma with a delicate spicy undertone. To add even more mystery and sensuality there is the tiniest bit of rare Majmua Attar, this gives Aphrodite a delicate precious wood, mossy, earthy undertone you can not miss. There is a radiance and ethereal quality released into the environment when this essence is sprayed.

How to use:
Spray your first spray above head, at the crown, then mist entire face and neck. Use as a balancing, hydrating, firming facial toner on clean skin before applying serum or moisturizer. Use any time of day to revitalize and refresh face and make-up. Use as a body spray after showering or bathing , or add directly to bath water.

-Uplifting for skin & psyche
-Heart Opening
-Balances both oily & dry skin
-Helps tighten pores
-Fights Wrinkles
-Stimulates Blood Flow
-Gentle on Sensitive Skin
-Refreshes make-up

2 oz Glass Bottle with Mister
Rose infused bath soak good for up to 4 baths.
7 ml Glass Jar of Pink Pearl good for several applications
A small Rose Quartz Stone (while they last)

10ml Hydrosol Mister
Rose infused bath soak good for 1 indulgent soak
3 ml Glass Jar of Pink Peart, good for several applications
A small Rose Quartz Stone (while they last)

Hydrosols are extraordinarily delicate & powerful plant essences, we recommend storing this tonic in the fridge, or at least a cool spot below 75F. Please use within 6 months of purchase.