Gua Sha Facial Tool - Jade

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Light weight and easy to use. A great beginners Gua Sha made of  Nephrite Jade. 

  • Defines and Smooths Complexion
  • Strengthens circulatory system
  • Lifts and tightens loose skin at neck and jawline
  • Improves firmness and rate of cell turnover
  • Defines cheekbones and contours of the face
  • Decongests Sinus
  • Refines Pores 

This green stone is revered for its cooling properties, and it is believed that working with Jade transfers its benefits to the body. Jade removes toxins and balances the fluids within the body and the water-salt/acid-alkaline ratios.

Colors vary in light green to creamy white The listing is for one Gua Sha with a  sampler of Skin Magic Antioxidant Serum and a muslin cloth bag to store your Gua Sha.