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G L O R I A  Roll-on Perfume Oil

Character: Exotic. Earthy. Floral.  Anointed with the exquisite, rare and costly scents of Tuberose and Ginger Lily and grounded with ancient and ritualistic Sandalwood. Perfume created entirely from nature.

Main Notes: Tuberose, Ginger Lily, Sandalwood, Citrus

Each of our Roll-On Perfume Oils come with a special quote or inspiration. We believe by rolling these beautiful oils and words into your skin, magic can happen!

G L O R I A Says: "I didn't believe in reincarnation the last time either." - Gloria Karpinski

Each 10 ml Glass Heavy Based roll-on comes with its own protective and earth friendly bamboo case.

G L O R I A was designed for and inspired by Gloria Karpinski. Author, teacher, renaissance woman. Gloria inspires others through her books, lectures, workshops and retreats. Her compassion, humor, insight and guidance are unparalleled. Find her at

Our roll-on perfumes are based in Organic Jojoba oil and soften the skin wherever they touch. They change their depth and character when coming in contact with your skin, creating a scent that is unique to you and your body. There are no synthetics or chemicals in our botanical perfume, we choose to work with materials that are synthetic and cruelty free.

G L O R I A is a part of our SACRED COLLECTION which also includes Happy Buddha, AmmA and 13 Moons.