Natural Perfume - Amma

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Character: Rose infused Woods. A freshly plucked rose from the garden of rose bushes near the edge of the Cedar Forest. A soft, woodsy Floral Note.

Main Notes: Rose, Rosewood, Rosewood Leaf, Cedar,  High Frequency and Heart Opening.

Each of our Roll-On Perfume Oils come with a special quote or inspiration. We believe by rolling these beautiful oils and words into your skin, magic can happen!

AmmA Says: "The energy of pure love is within you; It only needs to awaken" - Amma

Our roll-on perfumes are based in Organic Jojoba oil and soften the skin wherever they touch. There are no synthetics or chemicals in our botanical perfumes. AmmA is a part of our SACRED COLLECTION which also includes Happy Buddha, 13 Moons and GLORIA)