Spring Arise! Come into being.

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Arise, come into being, leap, hop, bounce.
This photo collection was put together  at Happy Chair while listening repeatedly to The Clancy Brothers - Sing of the Sea. I recommend you do the same. 
MARCH: The third month known as Martius, Mars the Roman god of war. Now, lets take a look at some of the nostalgia and happenings surrounding March.
Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy, Marmee and Mr. March
In like a lion - out like a lamb
Let's Go Fly a Kite! 
MARCH - The Month of Mars
1st -National Peanut Butter Lovers Day
6th - National Day of Unplugging (see below) 
14th - Daylight Savings Begins
17th - St. Patricks Day
20th - Spring Begins (Northern Hemisphere) Equinox. Day and night are nearly equal in length.
Other days of note:
The Ides of March fell on the mid point of each month and was supposed to correlate to the first full moon of the year. A seer told Julius Caesar his downfall would come no later than the Ides of March. It did; as he was murdered by at least 60 of his conspirators before the Ides went out.
March 5th Cinco de Marcho, initiating a 12 day drinking regimen for anyone wishing to "prepare the liver" for St. Pats
March 6th. The Day of the Dude encourages anyone who wants to honor The Big Lebowski by takin’er easy all day, man. This correlates to the National Day of Unplugging. 

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