Smoke Magic - Creating your own Incense and Resin Blends

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Today I created some burning magic. The blend I consistently use causes others to pause on my doorstep and inquire as to why it always smells so good in my space. Bits of plants, spices, and resins to create our own ''plant church".
With the simple strike of a match we can send our wishes, spells and prayers slowly spiraling upward.
For centuries, resins, herbs, plants and spices have been burnt to fill the air with their magic. The smoke of burning incense in churches, typically Frankincense and Myrrh and cedar chips, is a symbol of prayer of the faithful rising to heaven. The burning of sage is to cleanse a space of negative energy, and to generate wisdom and clarity, and to promote healing.
Incense can be used for both clearing or generating. For a simple burning spell mix plants, herbs and even resins in a fireproof bowl and light with a match, or place over a charcoal tablet designed to burn incense. Toss some into a campfire or burning logs and prepare for it to release its smoky magic.
I like to gather the ingredients, some directly from nature, the others I have had stored away for many lifetimes, some are gifts, resins from Mexico, herbs from Italy. Whether gathered or gifted these spices, plants, flowers, resins are precious and some rare. Work with them, infuse them with your spirit. The simple act of grinding peppercorns and cardamom, with a mortar and pestle can bring a sense of sacred sanctuary and purpose into the process as each one of these herbs and spices contain their own special meaning. I highly recommend grinding cardamom pods with lavender flowers. There is something about the synergy of these two smells that is quite....heavenly.
Also, explore put a few drops of clove oil on your Frankincense resin, allow it to rest for a few days before burning. The smell of the two ingredients together is lovely even without igniting. 
What they represent: 
Frankincense and Myrrh - symbolizing prayer and suffering
Cinnamon - Success and Strength
Peppercorns - Anti negativity and courage
Cardamom - Romance enhancing
Flowers and Trees
Fir - honesty, truth and forthrightness
Roses - Love
Lavender - Sleep and Harmony

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